Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement


Every company, including dormant and non-trading companies, must file a confirmation statement. It confirms the information we hold about your company is up to date.

You must file a statement at least once a year, but you may choose to file more often.


How can we help? 


As a partner of Companies House, Launchese will help you to file your Confirmation Statement. Alternatively, you can file your confirmation statement with Companies House.


More about Confirmation Statement


Changes you must make before sending your confirmation statement


Before confirming your records are up to date, you must tell us about changes to your:

- directors and secretary

- people with significant control (PSC)

- company’s registered office address


Changes you can make when you file your confirmation statement


The confirmation statement has an additional information section. You can complete this if there have been changes to your:

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code

- statement of capital

- trading status of shares

- exemption from keeping a PSC register

- shareholder information


If nothing has changed


You must file a confirmation statement even if there have not been any changes to your company during the review period. This confirms that your records are up to date and the information we hold is correct.


Official Website: HMRC