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Why Use Launchese ?

Starting the ecommerce journey can be scary and complicated especially if you don’t live in the US or the UK. That’s why we had the idea for Launchese – We believe everyone is equal! If you were born in a country that doesn’t support startups like other countries, this doesn’t mean it’s GAME OVER! We will personally open a limited company for you in London, with the UK Stripe, Payoneer & Transferwise accounts, connect you with the right accountants and legal experts, and help you every step of the way in your ecommerce journey.

Your Company, LTD, London

Get your company started in the 3rd largest startup hub of the world, London

Payment processing solved

UK Stripe, Payoneer & Transferwise accounts so you can sell with no worries.

Fast and easy

UK Stripe, Payoneer & Transferwise accounts so you can sell with no worries.

Personal touch

We’ll help you every step of the way, and we MEAN it.

The Full Ecommerce Startup Package

Everything you need to start an ecommerce business. Fill out a simple form and we’ll handle the rest.

All for a one-time $500 fee.

The Full Ecommerce Startup Package

Everything you need to start an ecommerce business. Fill out a simple form and we’ll handle the rest.

$2000 $500

PLUS: Get Free Access To Top E-Commerce Tools That Make Your Success Inevitable

Because when we say “everything you need”, we mean it.

AliShark - 6 Months FREE

Alishark gives you everything you need to find winning products to dropship or sell online! It is the leading product research tool for ecommerce dropshippers with millions of products in its database and growing daily.

AOP Plus

AOP Plus - 6 Months Hero Membership FREE

AOP Plus is the leading print on demand application for shopify and etsy. Get 6 months of AOP Plus Hero Membership worth $119 for free!

How Long Will This Take?

Our process takes 7-10 days from the date of your submission.

Day 01

Submit Your Application

Day 02

We review and you’re asked to pay

Day 04

Company formed in London

Day 05

Payoneer accout created

Day 06

Stripe & Transferwise accounts created

Day 7-10

Receive company documents via email

Launchese VS Others


Winner !

Winner !


What Launchese Beta Testers Have To Say

Lyndon Scott

I wanted to start expanding my brand in Europe and decided to use Launchese services. They take care of everything for me and my UK company.

Zakaria Birgach

It is so hard to start your eCom business in Morocco. Especially dealing with payment providers takes so much time if you are located in Morocco. We have decided to run our eCom business from London and everything sorted by Launchese.

Abdallah BaNi YasEen

Was great to work with Launchese. They setup my company in UK and introduce me with accountants. Their team has great connections and we work as a team.

Created By Ecommerce Entrepreneurs For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Yousef Khalidi


A crazy entrepreneur and founder of multiple eCom businesses including Shopify stores, Shopify apps & eCom tools under his company Twozillas.Twozillas is the development company behind the #1 countdown app on the shopify store Hurrify, the leading product research tool for dropshippers AliShark and many more ecommerce tools that are changing the ecom industry…

Uygar Turantekin


Uygar has been at the forefront of the digital print industry for almost 11 years and owns alloverprint.it, a Print on Demand Dropshipping company based in London. All Over Print offers a vast range of direct-to-garment (DTG) and sublimated print products. Uygar created the AOP+ app that is the first to integrate both Shopify and Etsy online selling marketplaces and plans to support Amazon… 

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Your Questions Answered by Uygar

We are giving full service to you to open a Stripe UK account without any problem. The process is so simple, basically, we will setup you a limited company in UK, this will be your company to run your business. We will open you a Stripe UK account all your all paperwork. You will have a proper UK company to run your business. You can create Paypal, Payoneer, TransferWise and Shopify Payments account (Which only available in US and UK and better rates than Stripe) under this UK company. We will provide you UK address and helping you to meet with accountants too.

It is 500 USD for one-off and takes around 1 week if all goes well. Additional services will cost you only service or documentation fee. But nothing crazy.

Corporation tax is around 20% in the UK for Limited companies. We will introduce you accountants and they will help you with all these information and look after you too. See here for full information about tax.

There is no 100% guarantee we can offer, those companies have their own policies. But I can say in UK, things works way better then US. There is common sense in this country, and I believe our services are way different than the others. Stripe is making it harder and harder like every other payment processor. In some point they are right and in some point they are wrong. They are trying to get rid of sellers who are doing business wrong, we all know them. These bad sellers are the main problem, not Stripe. Because of them, things are harder for everyone and and Stripe closes the honest small business owners’ accounts too. If you are overseas Dropshipper and you have a LLC and you don’t physically operate in the US, sadly things are getting a bit difficult. You need to get prepared. You need someone can be your man in the country you setup your business who will look after your interest, formation companies don’t do that.

If you are not a resident, it will be hard to open a business account for non-residents in UK. If you have UK or EU residency you can but otherwise, it is an expensive process. Most of my customers using Stripe to Payoneer, and Shopify Payment to TransferWise account (comes with a debit card) perfectly with no problem. But if you really would like to get proper UK Business Account we have a partner does that and fees is 1500 GBP (Super expensive).

You will not be required to register for VAT as you are drop shipping. This is because your goods are never being ‘owned’ within the EU before they reach the end consumer.

VAT registration is not included but we can do that with a little fee for you. The taxable turnover threshold which determines whether a person must be registered for VAT, is at £85,000. We will introduce you to accountants who will make it easier for you.

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