Raise The Bar Higher When Selling in Amazon Europe !

You already know Europe is a tremendous opportunity – 340 million online shoppers and counting. It’s the third-largest eCommerce market in the world.

Even better, you can approach five major countries from a single marketplace – Amazon Europe.

Now of course, starting to sell in Europe and selling successfully are entirely different matters.

In this Guide E-book from Payoneer you’ll get some golden nuggets that will help you to start selling in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Learn how to:

  • Win placement in the coveted “Buy Box”
  • Handle fulfillment throughout the continent
  • Get paid from any Amazon marketplace – simply and quickly
  • Stay on top of VAT collection policies

And much more!

Ready to start selling? Go straight to our free eBook.

What Will You Need To Open A Business Payoneer Account?

These FAQ’s will help you during your Payoneer’s onboarding process to get approved as quickly as possible :


Company Verification Documents.
Please pull certificate of incorporation from Companies House and upload to Payoneer portal.

Company Address Verification

Please pull certificate of incorporation from Companies House and upload to Payoneer portal.

UBO Questionnaire

Please complete all information for UBO’s in the business holding 25% or more in shares.
If the company does not have 4 UBO’s, please leave additional UBO Q’s blank.


Please upload photograph of passport or driver’s license, ensuring full ID is shown, with no glare/distortion of image.

Ensure that this image is uploaded as a JPG photograph. PDF scans cannot be accepted. PDF scans converted to JPG cannot be accepted.

Business Details Questionnaire

Please complete details required.


Please enter the URL of your website/web store/marketplace store.

Executive Manager ID and Questionnaire

Do not complete unless the individual managing the account is different person to the UBO of the business.
If a different person, please complete this section in the same way as UBO section.

Bank Statement

Please upload a photograph of a recent bank statement (from within thelast 3 months).
Please ensure that address, full bank details and transactions are shown in photograph.
If any additional information is requested, you will be notified via email. Please complete this as soon as the request is made.


Please ensure all documents are uploaded correctly as above.

Once these documents have been uploaded correctly, please email launchese@payoneer.com stating that you have uploaded the relevant documentation and that you are waiting for your account to be reviewed.

One of the team will then review your account for you and the account will be opened within 1-2 business days.